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Acacia Recording is a full service recording studio dedicated to exceeding your expectations. Located in the rural hills of Mount Airy, Maryland, it is acoustically designed to capture the best possible sound while providing an amazingly flexible environment. The studio features hickory hard wood floors, custom lighting with glass windows and doors that separate a spacious control room, booth and main recording room. All of the rooms are free floating from one another.

Acacia operates on Avid Pro Tools HD systems with Apple Mac Pros. Be prepared to experience two Apple 30-inch Cinema displays and an air conditioning system that controls the climate of each room individually. The technology behind our cat5 Hearback system offers each musician complete mixing control of his or her own personal cue mix. Please feel free to give us a call. We would love to answer your questions and help you plan for your next recording project.


Avid Pro Tools HD 3 Accel
Apogee Big Ben
(4) Digidesign 192 Interfaces
(1) Digid
esign Sync I/O

Digidesign D-Command

Pre Amps
API, Focusrite, Vintech

Additional Equipment Manufacturers
Universal Audio
Crane Song
Smart Research
TC Electronics
Inward Connections
Dangerous Music, Radial, API…



Plug ins
Waves (Mercury Bundle), Sound Toys, McDSP, Antares, UAD, Massey, Plugin Alliance, Slate Digital... etc. There are too many to list. Please contact us if you are looking for something specific.

Neumann, AKG, Electrovoice, Soundelux, Shure, Earthworks, Sennheizer,
ADK, Royer, Telefunken, Yamaha, BSS and Radial Direct Boxes

DynAudio BM15a with stereo BM9 Subs
Yamaha NS10m powered by Hafler P3000 amps
Auratone Sound Cubes Powered by Hafler P1000 amps
Monitor controller - Crane Song Avacet
Sennheizer HD580 headphones
AKG K271 Studio Headphones
Hear Technologies - Hearback (Cue Distribution)

Power Conditioning
Monster Pro Power Conditioning
Surgex SX20NERT Power Filtering and Conditioning

Yamaha C7 Conservatory Grand Piano, Hammond C3 w/ chorale, stop and
tremolo Leslie speeds, 122 Leslie, Fender Rhodes, Red Top Wurlitzer Electric
Piano, Yamaha a Motif8, Yamaha Absolute Drums, Vintage Gretch drums with
an assortment of snares. Please give us a call for more details auxiliary
percussion, amps and guitars.

Let us know if you need more details or are looking for something that is not
listed. 301-829-8088.

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